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TimeWise Even Complexion Essence & Mask®


How is everybody ?!

Let's talk about some interesting thing...

We women have many things that in annoy ... Like for example Dark spots on our skin! and today We'll talk about this delicate theme.
There's nothing more worse than wanting to get a pretty bronzer, go to the beach or pool and then see the disastrous results .. Dark spots all over the body ... Or having our face full of pimples, it’s gone... but stayed the vestige of them, the dark spots ... Or even in the best phase of a woman's life the pregnancy comes these undesirable spots... once again .... 

My God why we women suffer so much?!

But unfortunately there are not only those factors that contribute to the appearance of spots on our body. And we know that when we have this kind of spots specially in our  face where it is more visible these add a few more years for us.

But don't need to be crazy Ladies!!!!  Thank God there is a solution and I am here to reveal to you;)

First let us understand what the dark spots are.

We have in the deeper layers of the skin a cell called melanocyte that produces melanin giving skin tone. The dark spots are the concentration of melanin.

At the Market there is a procedure with hydroquinone which acts both in excess melanin as in healthy cells getting difference on skin tone. The problem is this acid acts on all healthy cells or not.

The even complexion does not contain this acid.  The TimeWise Even Complexion Mask ® is formulated with the exclusive patented complex MelaCEPTM developed to counter the actions of external factors that make the skin uneven acting in distribution melanin. Where has excess melanin will decrease and where has a little will reset.  Providing softness and hydration.

The TimeWise Even Complexion Mask ® is the perfect solution for skin looks opaque and need a burst of light. Its gentle formula provides a look of brightness, while leaving the skin feeling hydrated and softness, two important benefits for those periods in which our skin needs extra hydration.

How it works?

Get the best of both worlds when it comes to even skin tone. The long-term even skin tone benefits of TimeWise Even Complexion Essence ® and the immediate skin tone brightening benefits of the TimeWise Even Complexion ®

What are the key ingredients?

The TimeWise Even Complexion Mask ® contains several ingredients botanical and other ingredients that provide visible benefits. Its main components are the complex MelaCEPTM that has:

- Kakadu Extract (Terminalia ferdinandiana) - extracted from the fruit Kakadu, known for its antioxidant benefits.
- Root Extract Ferula foetida - derived from a plant native overvalued in the Mediterranean, is known to contain conditioning action.
- Sunflower Seed Extract (Helienthus annuus) - founded Sunflowers, provide conditioning action.
- Lactobacillus Ferment - an ingredient with conditioning action.

TimeWise ® Even Complexion Essence Formulated with the unique ingredient LucentrixTM, brings clinically proven results in restoring the natural skin tone by helping reduce visible darks spots and skin discoloration process.
And when added to a program of skin care age-fighting, as the TimeWise line, this concentrated serum helps even more all women - from those with very light skin to the darkest - to notice a more uniform skin.
The results can be noticed from 4 weeks, with continued use, the results are even better!

84% of women tested noticed a more uniform skin;

How to use:

Apply on clean skin of the face and neck with a layer average thickness of the mask using the fingertips. For optimal results, leave it for 10-15 minutes. It may be that the mask does not dry completely, due to the rich moisturising humectants. Rinse or remove with a towel dipped in warm water. Use of two to three times per week, every other day.
Well ladies don't need be afraid to look at the mirror and not like what reflects there...

Let's try this innovation from Mary Kay and say goodbye definitely for these dark spots undesirable.

I'm trying and I'm in loving.

Check out my moment of skin care :

- Application of Mascara protecting eyes and mouth area;
- Leave it for 15 minutes (In the meantime Enjoy your moment read a book make your nails or just relax lol )
- Take off with water (always with cold water, hot water older our skin) .. I felt my skin more brighter.
- After the dry face apply Even Complex Essence. Is absolutely fabulous how our skin feel moisturised and soft  ...

What are you waiting for try ?!

Just ring me ... I'm looking forward to meet you ;)

Have an amazing weekend with more brightening !!!

Vanessa da R. Vieira
Mobile 087 609 7310 (vodafone)


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