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Effective treatment for stretch marks

This information was passed by a Director of Mary Kay who works directly with a reputable plastic surgeon in Brazil in the city of Minas Gerais, which has developed a procedure to improve stretch marks, so it is true!

This is a precious tip to improve the appearance of stretch marks!!

The treatment is done with Microdermabrasion Kit, Extra Emollient Night Moisturizer and Firming Body Lotion.

Here is the procedure:

First Step: (Evening)

Massaging the area of the grooves with a reasonable amount of Step 1 of microdermabrasion kit for 5 minutes.

If the area with stretch marks are the breasts massage should be done for just 3 minutes.

By doing the massage, the skin will become dry and is very important to sprinkle water to not get a very strong friction.

Take out all product and place a reasonable amount of Step 2 microdermabrasion in the areas massaged. Allow to dry and place the Extra Emollient Night Moisturizer.

Step Two: (Moring)

On the next morning, taking up shower and put on the whole body and especially in the massaged Firming Body Lotion.

This can be done two times a week.

The medical report is that are having incredible results with their patients.

Start your treatment!
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  2. Hi Elizabeth, how are you?! Thank you very much for your interest on my post... I'll be really happy if you can send to them the link of my website ;)